Shomrim Democracy

Democracy dies in the classroom

Once a cornerstone of the Israeli education system, education for democracy is being erased from state-run schools and has been replaced by a fresh emphasis on Jewish heritage | Renen Netzer

Brute force on Balfour Street

Police insist that their response to the recent wave of protests has been proportionate. A Shomrim analysis of crowd־control measures, however, highlights a range of questionable tactics | Roni Singer

Faith No More

Israel’s haphazard and tone-deaf response to the Coronavirus crisis has exacerbated an already worrying erosion in public faith in state institutions| Shahar Smooha.

Fragile or Strengthened? The State of Israel’s Democracy the Day After

Has Israel’s democracy been weakened or fortified by the series of blows it has enduredin the past year? | A special report by Shahar Smooha

"This Virus is a Great Gift to Autocrats who Want an Excuse to Accrue More Power"

Professor Larry Diamond, one of the leading global experts on the rise and fall of democracies, in a special interview| by Omri Assenheim

"No testing for corona in the Arab sector. The situation will blow up in our faces."

Aiman Saif, the former director of the Authority for the Economic Development of the Minority Sectors, warns of an economic catastrophe and calls on the Joint List to talk to everyone – including the Likud.

“Edelstein’s behavior is undermining and maybe even destroying democracy.”

Professor Daniel Friedmann, who served as justice ministerin Ehud Olmert’s government and accused the judicial system of damaging governance, hopes that the Supreme Court will intervene in the Knesset Speaker’s decisions.

“I am not sure whether the recent precedents can be undone.”

The Knesset is not meeting, the will of the people is being ruthlessly trampled, there are no checks on the executive branch, the General Security Services are being given dangerous powers, the public is frightened. Speaking to Shomrim, Professor Michael Birnhack, one of Israel’s leading jurists on issues of privacy, raises the red flag.