Shomrim Projects

Cloaked in Trauma in the Gaza border area:  A Shomrim Special Report

Having lived their lives under the threat of rockets, young army recruits from the border area carry a burden that is heavier than any army stretcher. Many are too traumatized to even join up and, for those that do, life in uniform often rekindles childhood trauma | Renen Netzer

Endangered nature: How construction spells destruction for Israel’s green resources

Open spaces are being eaten up, the coastline is barely accessible and property developers are devouring urban green spaces. Photographer Jonathan Bloom went out into the field to document just some of the eyesores that remind us that profits for the few means losses for the rest of us. Special Project

Paint it Black

A special Shomrim project brings you the sounds and voices from the Black protest movement that has already started to bubble over into the Israeli art and culture scenes, inspiring a new generation of proud and conscious women and men. Ten monologues.

A Different Country – How Easily Did We Agree to Give Up on Our Freedom?

They no longer need to use the army, the police, or weapons | Photo gallery: Democracy in Time of Coronavirus | Author:  Dov Elbaum

From Israel: Images of War

Between Jerusalem and Lod, the Temple Mount and the Gaza Strip, attempted lynchings and barrages of missile fire, photographer Kobi Wolf documented Israel’s most recent war.“Whatever desire there is for co-existence,  it appears hidden from view,far from anything we can see.”

Democracy in the Time of Corona: Image of the Year

Shomrim is proud to present two awards in the framework of “Local Testimony,” the annual photojournalism exhibition, with Oded Balilty winning Shomrim’s Democracy award for his image. Sharina Rosner and Itay Raziel taking home Shomrim’s Award in the field of video.

Shomrim’s Year: Our biggest stories of 2020

Cloaked in Trauma, from the Gaza-border to the Yom Kippur War; COVID-19 and the government’s failure to protect Israelis’ society; the massive leak that shook the world’s financial system. One thing on which we can all agree: 2020 was an unforgettable year