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Three months with the troll hunters detoxifying social media

Social networks have been at the mercy of a global industry of lies for years, with fake profiles serving as so-called super-spreaders for special-interest groups and authoritarian regimes. An Israeli activist collective is trying to clean things up | Zeela Kotler Hadari

Will coronavirus sink Israel’s 10-billion-shekel loan pyramid?

A special Shomrim and Calcalist report: Unsupervised free-loan funds have been operating for decades among Israel’s ultra-Orthodox community. Under threat from the coronavirus pandemic, the entire pyramid could come crashing down | Amir Kurz

Controversial East Jerusalem group gets $100 million from companies linked to Roman Abramovich

Leaked banking documents now confirm that Abramovich controls or is affiliated with these companies. Those donations helped to change the face of a Palestinian village | Uri Blau

FinCEN Files: Thousands of suspicious activity reports leaked

Israeli companies and individuals appear in leaked documents submitted to the U.S. Congress as part of the investigation into alleged Russian intervention in the 2016 elections | Uri Blau

Suspicious money transfers between Lev Leviev and his former partners

Leaked Suspicious Activity Reports detail unusual transfers involving five companies. Leviev’s lawyer: "The money transfers involve companies outside Leviev’s circle" | Uri Blau

Israel Aerospace Industries paid $155-million to two companies linked to money laundering

Leaked bank reports reveal that the transfers began just months after a $1.6 billion arms deal was signed between IAI and the Azerbaijani government | Uri Blau

The Romance of the Century?

Israel’s relations with the United States have never been closer - or more complex. Experts on Israel-U.S. relations offer their take on the bond between Trump and Netanyahu, and try to answer the big question: Has Israel gained or lost from its ‘best־ever friend’ in the White House? A Shomrim analysis

One word can mean all the difference in the world

Shoddy transcriptions of vital audio evidence are plaguing the Israeli justice system, sending innocent people to prison and allowing the guilty to walk free | Itai Rom

The Israeli connection behind Larry King’s fake-news clip

Exposé: Who is Jacobi Niv, the young Israeli who dropped the legendary talk show host in hot water? | Uri Blau, Washington

Blowing in the wind

Despite its reputation as “the most monitored area in the world” and a much-vaunted network of measuring stations, residents and experts claim that little is known about the concentration of air pollutants – including dangerous carcinogens like benzene – in the Haifa Bay area. Meanwhile, huge sums of money are spent monitoring pollutants that no longer pose a major threat. An investigative report into mismanagement and under-monitoring in Israel's national air-quality network

We Know Where You Drove Last Summer

An unregulated, unsupervised and officially nonexistent surveillance system – which police claim is a vital crime-solving tool – is worrying civil rights observers and data-protection advocates in Israel | Roni Singer

The Devil is in the Details

Israel has inadvertently created a national surveillance agency, with access to a staggering array of personal data on every citizen. Thanks to data-sharing between government agencies, the Central Bureau of Statistics, better known for publishing economic and population updates, has a vast database of personally identifiable data – much to the dismay of data-protection experts. Why does it need it, what is it doing to safeguard Israelis and is it even legal? A Shomrim investigation.

The Women Who Got Lost in the Health System

E. is 22 years old. A. is not even 17. M. postponed her wedding. All three women found themselves with unwanted pregnancies in the middle of the corona crisis. They, like many other women, were left to "solve the problem by themselves" when the Ministry of Health ordered a stop to all "non־emergency" procedures in hospitals in March and April. The ministry shirked its responsibilities, leaving the hospitals to act as they saw fit and the distressed women and teenage girls to fend for themselves.

Blue Blood: Who Are the Patients Who Are Receiving Experimental Coronavirus Treatment?

On the one hand, patients' families are being sent to find people who recovered from the virus and can donate blood and a blood bank that refuses to accept donations on Shabbat or holidays. On the other hand, there is a patient for whom the Minister of Health located a donor, a special ambulance took him to the blood bank on a Friday, and a team of specialists oversaw the procedure.
A Shomrim investigative story: The race for plasma rich with coronavirus antibodies

"These Companies Don’t Want Returns. They Want Bodies"

The grey market is leveraging the Israeli economy’s credit crunch to squeeze out every last shekel | An investigative story by Noam Amit.

"More women are going to be murdered and the government has no contingency plans in place."

Organizations dealing with domestic violence report a dramatic increase in violence against women and new types of rape cases due to the lockdown and isolation. They also say that the authorities have no plans at all for coping with this increase. "Corona, unemployment, and children at home are a ticking time bomb. A more severe wave of violence is yet to come." Read below for an insider’s view on this crisis.

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