The Knesset Database

A New Knesset, New Database: Shomrim has created several indexes to follow the work of Knesset Members | By Miki Levi

Inside Israeli Hostels for People With Disabilities

A series of joint investigative reports by Shomrim and Kan, Israel’s public broadcaster, reveals the goings-on in hostels for people with disabilities in Israel | By Roni Singer

Postmortem Sperm Retrieval Is Turning Dead Men Into Fathers

In Israel, parents of slain soldiers are pushing for their right to be future grandparents. Critics call it planned orphanhood | By Ethan Bronner and Chen Shalita, Bloomberg Businessweek & Shomrim

Life After Death | Print Addition From Bloomberg Bussinessweek

A Shomrim & ProPublica Collaboration | By Uri Blau

Bottom of the Food Chain | By Daniel Dolev

No Pride, No Work, No Rights | By Fadi Amun

Secret Outposts in Israel | By Fadi Amun and Jonathan Bloom

The Opioid Crisis | By Daniel Dolev

The Proportion of Women in Israel's 25th Knesset will be 26%, Compared to an OECD Average of 32%

The Uber Files | By Uri Blau

Pandora Papers: Hundreds of Israelis Star in the Biggest Financial Leak in History

A Special Shomrim Series of Investigations In Collaboration With ICIJ | Uri Blau & Daniel Dolev

Interrogation Methods That Stretch the Boundaries of Morality

High-Profile Arrests Have Shone a Light on Some of the Methods Police Investigators in Israel Use to Extract Confessions From Suspects | By Chen Shalita

The leaks and Damages to EAPC Pipes

The Danger of the Black Flood: A Special Shomrim Series of Investigations | by Daniel Dolev

The FinCEN Files | By Uri Blau

More International Investigations

Collaboration With The Forward

Shining the Light of Transparency Without Fear or Favor

Shomrim’s (The Guardians) mission is to strengthen Israeli democracy through investigative journalism.
A non-profit, free of commercial or political bias newsroom, we aim to strengthen the flow of fact-based and data-driven information to the public; incubate investigative reporting projects with potential for social impact; examine issues of importance to communities that are often overlooked; and publish our work in partnership with big and small media outlets.
Our biggest challenge is to create real-world effect. Making an impact is a lengthy process that builds on growing recognition, and trickles down from reporting and shaping the conversation to driving policy change.

Core Principles

  • Fact-Based Reporting
  • Data Driven Storytelling
  • Visual Documentary
  • Diversity of News Staff
  • Shedding Light On Societal Challenges and Marginalized Voices
  • Collaboration with Local News Outlets and Media Platforms
  • Forming a Community of Investigative and Public Interest Journalists

Our inspiration: ProPublica

Inspired by the American model of ProPublica, and in parallel with the global rise of non-profit media organizations, Shomrim was established to serve as a gatekeeper among gatekeepers and to safeguard Israeli democracy through the powerful tool of investigative journalism.

In order to dive into social injustices and systemic problems afflicting the poor, voiceless or forgotten, Shomrim is committed to pursuing investigative stories and investing in projects with a lens on inclusivity.

Shomrim will play a key role in building up a new journalism at the forefront of public interest that will spur debate and stir action.

Shomrim Conference for Investigative Journalism 2021

Steve Kroft, Correspondent, Sixty Minutes, CBS News, in conversation with Ilana Dayan, host, Uvda (Fact), Israeli Channel 12, Keshet
Jodi Kantor, Investigative Reporter, The New York Times, in conversation with David Horovitz, Editor of The Times of Israel
Martin Baron, Executive Editor of The Washington Post, in conversation with Ethan Bronner, Senior Editor at Bloomberg and Founder of Shomrim
Marisa Kwiatkowski, Investigative Reporter, USA Today, in conversation with Shaul Amsterdamski, Economics Editor, Kan
Stephen Engelberg, Editor of ProPublica, in conversation with Ethan Bronner, Senior Editor at Bloomberg and Founder of Shomrim
Janine Gibson, Assistant Editor, The Financial Times, in conversation with Robert Shrimsley, Political Correspondent, The Financial Times

Cloaked in Trauma

Shomrim’s Flagship Project in 2020 Dealt With the Issue of Post-Trauma in Israeli Society | By Renen Netzer

Meet Shomrim’s Data Division

Our Galleries

Collaboration with Local Testimony

As part of this initiative, Shomrim offers two cash prizes - one for a still image expressing a meaningful democratic issue at the heart of public discourse and another for a video piece.

This collaboration is intended to endorse documentary photographers who shine a light on the complex reality of our region and through their camera lens and exclusive capture of an event, enable viewers to look at Israeli democracy straight in the eye.

Local Testimony 2020Local Testimony 2021

Collaborating with The Movement for Freedom of Information

Public enlightenment is the foundation of Shomrim’s journalism. In Israel, the implementation of the Freedom of Information (FOI) law continues to pose a significant challenge for journalists.

As part of Shomrim’s collaboration with The Movement for Freedom of Information, the lattersubmits FOIA requests to government agencies / public bodies on issues relevant to Shomrim’s investigative reporting and if necessary, files court petitions for information disclosure.

Shomrim’s Code of Ethics

As a unique non-profit news organization in Information the Israeli landscape, we saw great importance in composing a Code of Ethics setting standards for the conduct of our newsroom.

The Code is founded on three principles: obligation to credible, accurate and complete information; balancing the right to informationand right to privacy; and compliance with professional journalism practice, includingprotecting resources, data security and proper data handling and presentation.

Shomrim’s Code of Ethics

Annual Report 2021

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